Lassitude short sentence example

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Looking for sentences with " Lassitude "? Here are some examples. Synonyms: 1. Lethargy 2. Listlessness 3. Weariness 4. Languor 5. Sluggishness 6.

Enervation 7. Tiredness 8. Exhaustion 9. Fatigue Sleepiness Drowsiness Torpor Torpidity Ennui Lifelessness Sloth Apathy Vigor Energy 1. I was overcome by lassitude 2. Symptoms of anaemia include general fatigue and lassitude 3. Shareholders are blaming the company's problems on the lassitude of the managing director 4. In acute infections there is anaemia and lassitude and occasionally respiratory embarrassment 6. Sometimes we feel lassitude on a hot summer day 7.

A deadly lassitude had taken hold of him 8. Intoxicating earth aromas induced lassitude and ethereal calm 9. Neither illness nor lassitude prevented him from going on with his work Objective : To find out work lassitude level of hospital nurses and its influencing factors The questions of soreness lassitude and appetite degression after operation were relieved The effective was better under the directions of healthy education Fatigue and lassitude are also early signs of sub - clinical deficiency of the vitamin With all my lassitude I have strength enough to see it out The major adverse reactions of trazodone were lassitude and dizziness During the days following Easter Sunday he noticed a certain lassitude of spirit in himself The candidates have been trying to lift voters out of their lassitude During epidemics hospital emergency rooms were set up to do the taps to anyone coming in with fever or lassitude Definition of Lassitude.

Examples of Lassitude in a sentence. After the long race, Jack experienced a feeling of lassitude. This morning, lassitude is preventing me from getting out of bed. When my doctor asked me to describe my symptoms, my main complaint was lassitude since I had very little energy. The stress at work and the stress in her marriage caused Liza to experience an extreme amount of lassitude which left her exhausted.

Because Jim had tried so hard to make his marriage work, he felt only sadness and lassitude when it finally came to an end. People who do not sleep well are often worn out during the day because of lassitude.

Since I had been feeling exhausted for several weeks, I started taking vitamins to cure my lassitude. After finishing her exams, Danielle hoped to conquer her lassitude by drinking an energy drink. Harold suffered from lassitude while his body fought off the flu virus. Most Searched Words with Video. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly.

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lassitude short sentence example

Otiose: In a Sentence.Moreover, he was crippled by incipient disease of the brain, which at first inflicted unconquerable lassitude and depression, and latterly agonizing pain. Kutuzov still in the same place, his stout body resting heavily in the saddle with the lassitude of age, sat yawning wearily with closed eyes. The food thus reaches the stomach in large lumps which cannot be readily digested, and either remain there till they decompose and give rise to irritation in the stomach itself, or pass on to the intestine, where digestion is likewise incomplete, and the food is ejected without the proper amount of nourishment having been extracted from it; while at the same time the products of its decomposition may have been absorbed and acted as poisons, giving rise to lassitudediscomfort, headache, or perhaps even to irritability and sleeplessness.

They suffered, as did the Empire, from a general state of lassitude. Nor was it owing to any spiritual lassitude from lack of faith in man, or woman either.

lassitude short sentence example

Others again saw no marked change in him; while Mollien, who knew the emperor well, attributed the lassitude which now and then came over him to a feeling of perplexity caused by his changed circumstances. Through lassitude or disinterestedness the men ofOh Robespierres suggestion, had committed one last mistake, by leaving the task of putting the constitution into practice to new men even more inexperienced than themselves.

But during the atrocious holocausts formidable states had grown up around France, observing her and threatening her; and on the other hand, as on the morrow of the Hundred Years War, the lassitude of the country, the lack of political feeling on the part of the upper classes and their selfishness, led to a fresh abdication of the nations rights.

The "Melancolia," numbered "1" as though intended to be the first of a series, with its brooding winged genius sitting dejectedly amidst a litter of scientific instruments and symbols, is hard to interpret in detail, but impossible not to recognize in general terms as an embodiment of the spirit of intellectual research the student's "temperament" was supposed to be one with the melancholicresting sadly from its labours in a mood of lassitude and defeat. The festival of the new doctrine, which turned the head of the new pontiff June 8the loi de Prairial, or code of legal murder June 10which gave the deputies themselves into his hand; and the multiplication of executions at a time when the victory of Fleurus June 25 showed the uselessness and barbarity of this aggravation of the Reign of Terror provoked against him the victorious coalition of revenge, lassitude and fear.

Instead of leading other nations with examples of good practices, we are infecting them with our own chronic lassitude. The word usage examples above have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage. They do not represent the opinions of YourDictionary. Home Sentences lassitude.

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Lassitude sentence examples lassitude. Earlier this year he fell prey to a general lassitude. Nearby Words.SearchSentences Words Lassitude.

lassitude short sentence example

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The intoxication of entrance is full upon him, and the lassitude which is the inevitable. It is high time to abandon the lassitude of "good versus evil" interpretations of the world. Exposures above ppm.

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The blast furnace blunts me of Northern Irish latitudes into an unshakable, lethargic lassitude. But the novel's true subject is a yawning lassitude not philosophical enough to be called profound.

But I felt a kind of soldierly duty to somehow carry on in the face of hippie lassitude and hash torpor. Millions of people are now at risk of death in the coming years as a result of Obama's lassitude and neglect. For his part, when she rejoined him, his own lassitude did lift and he finished his graduate studies brilliantly. This alone would account for the general air of lassitude which is one of the most noticeable features of German life.

With this tortoise-like lassitude, who can blame a fan, a player or a TV commentator from catching some midgame shuteye? The general argument for family feuding and lassitude on key issues for liberals are that there are so many types of liberals. The main symptoms of fever are pain in the various parts of the body, especially the head, slight shivering, weakness and great lassitude. They would have to count on their professionalism, their know-how, and money to overcome the lassitude they felt creeping into their bones.

Nearly all the Veres, it would appear, share a similar genetic fatality, a fin de si cle lassitude combined with an over-active imagination. The drink and the hot sweet refreshed them and brought back a part of their efficiency; they were all suffering a lassitude from the raw cold. At length lassitude succeeded to the tumult I had before endured; and I threw myself on the bed in my clothes, endeavouring to seek a few moments of forgetfulness.

The calculating lassitude of the European powers until the autumn ofparticularly the wariness of British politicians and commentators, seems hardly credible today. It's primarily the poor South Africans who will continue to suffer the effects of low-level crime and high-level lassitude, long after foreign soccer fans have flown home.

Cold water was never bad at anaesthetising hunger: and hunger was an odd sort of thing, not so much a grind in the stomach as an overall feeling of lassitude, and a headache. Bush has taken the opposite approach and for all his swagger and protectiveness of executive prerogatives is becoming a disturbing study in lassitude in the executive branch.

But lately he had had distressing symptoms -- a sensation in his breast he could only describe as a him dred horses 'hooves galloping, occasional dizzy turns, and frequent lassitude.

This mix made Sebadoh a striking act at the time, when wry slacker lassitude reigned, and it has allowed the best songs of mastermind Lou Barlow age better than many others from the era. On a chilly late autumn evening in the Pilanesberg mountains there was none of the lassitude seen in the higher temperatures experienced in Japan and Germany during the past two tournaments. It was a pleasant sort of lassitude, a comforting exhaustion, where the body said to the mind, you will rest because you have no choice, you will not think, nor worry, because you will not have the strength.

With the followers of Ronsard and those poets who immediately succeeded him a kind of lassitude has seized upon poetry at the end of the sixteenth century; impoverished and spiritless, it handled only trifling subjects. We respected some comic strips but disdained others for their intellectual lassitude; we agreed that too many successful cartoonists seem to run out of ideas or of fire in their bellies; too many of them have been sleepwalking for too long.

Likewise, the same history tells us that, when government relaxes its protection of the public interest and the common good, whether out of lassitude or belief that government should not reign in excessive corporate excess, bad things happen.Sentence count Posted: Updated: Shareholders are blaming the company's problems on the lassitude of the managing director. Lassitude and shame and a dreamy disgust provide the medium for these transactions.

In acute infections, there is anaemia and lassitude and occasionally respiratory embarrassment. Objective : To find out work lassitude level of hospital nurses and its influencing factors. The questions of soreness, lassitudeand appetite degression after operation were relieved.

The effective was better under the directions of healthy education. Fatigue and lassitude are also early signs of sub - clinical deficiency of the vitamin. During the days following Easter Sunday, he noticed a certain lassitude of spirit in himself. During epidemics, hospital emergency rooms were set up to do the taps to anyone coming in with fever or lassitude.

Kutuzov was still at the same spot; his bulky frame drooped in the saddle with the lassitude of old age, and he was yawning wearily with closed eyes. Avoiding too much labour, preventing from pathogen, the chronic lassitude will be prevented. Palpitation, lustreless, complexion, dizziness, blurring of vision, shortness of breath, lassitudepale tongue with tooth prints, thready, weak or intermittent pulse.

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Note that the width of the confidence interval depends on the sample size and on the variation of data values. The larger the sample size, the more reliable its mean.

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The larger the variation, the less reliable the mean (see also Elementary Concepts). The calculation of confidence intervals is based on the assumption that the variable is normally distributed in the population.

Shape of the Distribution, Normality. An important aspect of the "description" of a variable is the shape of its distribution, which tells you the frequency of values from different ranges of the variable. Typically, a researcher is interested in how well the distribution can be approximated by the normal distribution (see the animation below for an example of this distribution) (see also Elementary Concepts). Simple descriptive statistics can provide some information relevant to this issue.

For example, if the skewness (which measures the deviation of the distribution from symmetry) is clearly different from 0, then that distribution is asymmetrical, while normal distributions are perfectly symmetrical.

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More precise information can be obtained by performing one of the tests of normality to determine the probability that the sample came from a normally distributed population of observations (e. However, none of these tests can entirely substitute for a visual examination of the data using a histogram (i. The graph allows you to evaluate the normality of the empirical distribution because it also shows the normal curve superimposed over the histogram. It also allows you to examine various aspects of the distribution qualitatively.

For example, the distribution could be bimodal (have 2 peaks). This might suggest that the sample is not homogeneous but possibly its elements came from two different populations, each more or less normally distributed. In such cases, in order to understand the nature of the variable in question, you should look for a way to quantitatively identify the two sub-samples. To index Purpose (What is Correlation. The measurement scales used should be at least interval scales, but other correlation coefficients are available to handle other types of data.

Lassitude in a Sentence

Correlation coefficients can range from -1. The value of -1. A value of 0.

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