Sangguniang kabataan project proposal

Sangguniang Kabataan abbreviated as SK ; lit. It was put "on hold", but not quite abolished, prior to the barangay elections.

sangguniang kabataan project proposal

The author, Senator Aquilino Pimentel Jr. The Kagawads, or councilors, approve resolutions and appropriate money allotted to the council. The Chairman automatically sits on the barangay council as an ex officio member and is automatically chairman of the Committee on Youth and Sports, one of the standing committees of the barangay council. The council represents youth who have resided in their barangay for at least one year and registered to vote. It leads the local youth programs. Members of the SK receive payment for serving on the council.

Under the reform, a new Local Youth Development Council was formed to support the SK programs and to be composed of representatives from different youth organizations in the community including student councils, church and youth faith groups, youth-serving organizations, and community-based youth groups.

Every Sangguniang Kabataan is part of a municipal or city SK association, which are in turn members of a provincial SK association. A barangay's SK Chairman represents the barangay in the municipal or city association.

The presidents of the city and municipal federation are, in turn, members of the provincial or metropolitan associations, all of which have their own elected president as well. The presidents of independent cities' and provinces' associations compose the membership in the national association and elect the national president who automatically sits on the National Youth Commission.

Controversy surrounded the KB, including the enforcement of authoritarian rule among youth, opposition of militant youth activity, and the KB's failure to develop youth as a responsive collective. Since then, the KB grew less popular among youth and instead student activism became the trend in youth participation in the country. In Junea study [ by whom? Youth consultations were held [ by whom? However, then-president Corazon Aquino have already established the Presidential Council for Youth Affairs PCYA instead of NYC, which was successful in coordinating with the youth federations to develop future national leaders, but lacked the powers envisioned [ by whom?

A proposal was then crafted by the Congress youth representatives and PCYA's technical committee in to The KK includes all Filipino citizens, age 10 to 18 years, residing in each barangay for at least six months and are registered in the official barangay list. The SK is the governing body of the KK, a set of youth leaders elected by the KK members to represent them and deliver youth-focused services in the barangay.

The age range of the youth eligible for the KK and SK was reduced to 15 to below 18 due to the change in Republic Act in SKs developed a poor reputation. One youth advocate said he was dissuaded from running for an SK because "Aside from the lack of concrete legislative and youth development programs, I have heard of certain issues raised against the SK like corruption, nepotism, and recurring programs focusing on sports festivals and pageantry only.

This is especially true in terms of coming up with legislations, promoting the development of young people, submitting reports and holding consultations with their constituents.

Because of concerns that the SK is a "breeding ground for political dynasty and exposing the youth to corruption and the practice of traditional politicians" known colloquially as trapos[8] [9] Republic Act No. Francis Escudero said the vacancies would technically abolish the SK. In Januaryas the February 23 deadline approached for the date of the postponed elections, the Philippine House of Representatives unanimously passed a reform bill.

Sincethere have been three simultaneous nationwide SK elections held in the Philippines which each term lasting from three to five years due to amendment of the regular 3-year term of the council.Project Title and Theme:.

The Feeding Program. Healthy Body as the Foundation of Healthy Mind. Background and Rationale:. Individuals need to be physically healthy and mentally upright for them to function properly in our society, so this project was conceptualized to sustain and ensure that citizens of Lumbac are eating the right foods especially for the lowly and financially unstable.

The success of this project will be measure after three 3 long months. We will be able to see progress from the malnourished children as they gain weight. Undeniably, three months was too short to see progress, but this project also aspires to teach their families the importance of budgeting and providing healthy foods at a very minimal costs. This year, SK plans to make this an annual activity to provide the youth a place for sustaining their nutritional needs.

Making them pride of Lumbac. Proponents and Project Holder:. Katipunan ng Kabataan ng Pilipinas — the organization involving the youths of the Philippines, who uplifts the general welfare of the youth, assumes a role in the national development and governance as an active, supportive and participating partner of the government in formulating programs, projects, achieve a truly free, just, democratic, effective, self — reliant, progressive and most of all, God-abiding and morally upright sector in the Philippine Society.

Sangguniang Kabataan ng Lumbac — they are the officers of the Katipunan ng mga Kabataan ng Lumbac, which upholds the democratic rights and welfare of the youth and defender of their rights and interests.

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Description and Plan:. The Feeding Program will start on July 27, ; dissemination of information and promotion. The program will run for 10 Sundays August 10, 17, 24, 31, September 7, 14, 21, 28, October 4 and 12— in the afternoon.

We will be assigning two 2 locations, where the benefactors can optionally choose based on their strategy. These locations are the Sto. Rosario Day Care Center — in the afternoon and Sto. We will be using a convoy for our transportation.

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We will be using Progress Report Chart that will indicate the success or failure of the activity. The weighing will be three times August 10, September 14 and October To end the program, we will be having closing fireworks during the eve of October 12, General Mechanics:.

The Feeding Program is open to all bona fide Citizens of Lumbac having with a family income of less than 7, a month. Schedule of Activities:. Start of Project Promotion.

Sangguniang Kabataan

First Weighing. Distribution of Progress Report Chart. End of the Feeding Program. Closing Fireworks. As public officials, even though were too young, we should always remember that people are expecting for our high ethical standards. Kailangang panindigan natin ang good governance at transparency.Councilor Eduardo Rama, Jr. The council in Tabunan, for example, wants to buy a printer with scanner worth P28,; a speaker and microphone worth P40,; and paint worth P10, In Sapangdaku, the SK council there wants to buy basketball at P2, each; a basketball board at P10, each; and volleyball at P3, each; among others.

However, for printer with scanner, Mr. She pointed out that the paint Tabunan wants to buy at P10, can reportedly be bought at P per gallon. Councilor Raymond Alvin Garcia Garcia said he does not want to dampen the spirits of the SK officials but there should be further seminars for budgeting, pricing of items, presentation of project proposals, among others.

She also said there should be separate resolutions on the signing of a memorandum of agreement between the city and the SK councils so that responsibilities of the members of the councils in the disbursement of funds can be detailed.

Resch said all the proposed projects have been reviewed by her office and Cebu City Youth Development Office. She said the descriptions, costs, and specifications will be detailed in the Project Procurement Management Plan PPMP that the councils will have to comply with after the City Council approves her resolutions.

She also said the numbers in the proposals are not the exact purchasing amounts because bidding will have to be conducted after the City Council approves the project proposals.

Daluz said the City Council should create guidelines on how the assistance will be used so that the SK officials will be guided on their proposals. Resch said the bidding for the projects and the disbursement of funds will all happen at City Hall since SK chairmen are not allowed to disburse.

She also said the financial assistance for all 80 SK councils will not be released and deposited even with the approval of the City Council because the SK officials are still processing the opening of their bank accounts.

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SK proposals questioned:Projects overpriced? Jean Marvette A. Demecillo The Freeman - June 2, - am. Pesquera said the quantity of the items should be included in the proposal. LIST: 6 signature moves of 'wais' moms at home.

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SK proposals questioned:Projects overpriced?

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sangguniang kabataan project proposal

Mascardo 10 hours ago. Labella wants council to consider loan offer. By Mary Ruth R.After being dormant for roughly five years, the Sangguniang Kabataan SK or youth council has not only returned but also been reformed via Republic Act Number This past May, the first SK election in years was held along with the barangay election and already barangays around the country now have new youth councils expected to serve their young constituents.

They better do more than just sports or distributing notebooks in daycare centers. Feeding in the poor community for children is also sensible. I think the SK should refrain from organizing beauty pageants because those projects really do not produce anything good.

The SK can go from village to village with the campaign. Time to put a stop to all that beauty contest and fashion show nonsense of the past SK. I am sick and tired of seeing barangay officials dance to the music as if they were entertainers. DOH confirms more than 1, new cases, but people are not supposed to worry May 30, DOH now reports a lower and a higher number May 23, AroundTown Rice for Trash, anyone?

CityBits Pet Parenthood, anyone? Zoom In Zoom Out Reset. News DOH confirms more than 1, new cases, but people are not supposed to worry May 30, Project Title and Theme. Friendship Games: Unang Sabak sa Tag-araw.

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Summer of Fun and Fruitful Activities. Project Overview. The Friendship Games: Unang Sabak sa Tag-araw, commits itself for public and youth development, growth and wellness. This is a month-long event composed of different activities that will measure the capability of youth in different areas. These areas are: Physical Area — which measures ones capability of strength and power; social — which tests the capability of socializing and interpersonal relationship; mental and psychological — which measures the ability to adapt to situation and think rapidly of solutions; cultural — this will test and shows the talents of the participants as they face unexpected challenges.

Participants will be grouped into three 3 — red team, green team and blue team who will compete for the title, Mga Hari ng Laban. In each team, one Sk councilor will serve as their team coach.

The organization of each team was; Leader — the general facilitator of the team; secretary — the team encoder; document keeper — responsible for keeping the teams important documents and files; flag bearer — the contact of the organizers and responsible for the team spirit and emblem; and the attendance officer — the person in-charge for checking the team members and securing their safety.

sangguniang kabataan project proposal

Background and Rationale. This is also to start new trends in executing SK Projects wherein it is a jam-packed activity under one event. It is also in connection that summer is the only time for youths to enjoy life, without the stressful home works, projects, paper works, exams, quizzes, recitations and others of the same kind. This event will serve as the spice of their vacation with activities that are worthy and fruitful.

The catalyst of their busy school life. This is also the time to rest from the addictive computer games, the lousy friendster and facebook, senseless chitchat, expensive text messaging and so much attachment to others of the same kind.

This will let them realize that it is more fun to go back with the old ways. The battle of strategy to outburst others. This also aims to gather the youth of Lumbac and develop the spirit of teamwork, friendship and discipline. As they say, no man alone is in an island. This will teach them that, to work as a group is better than to do things alone.

They will soon realize that everyone has a worth and nothing is made for nothing. This will show them the perspective of wholeness and oneness. We will remove the boundaries of separations and indifferences among the youth, but rather, we will group them as one.

This will widen their vision of sportsmanship and hard work. They will soon realize that things come and go as it could, but the sweetest achievements are gain through hard work. When this happen, I can say that this project is beyond success and a great fulfillment it will bring us. Proponents and Staffs. Katipunan ng Kabataan ng Pilipinas — the organization involving the youths of the Philippines, who uplifts the general welfare of the youth, assumes a role in the national development and governance as an active, supportive and participating partner of the government in formulating programs, projects, achieve a truly free, just, democratic effective, self- reliant, progressive and most of all, God-abiding and morally upright sector in the Philippine Society.

Sangguniang Kabataan ng Lumbac — they are the officers of the Katipunan ng mga Kabataan ng Lumbac, which upholds the democratic rights and welfare of the youth and defender of their rights and interest. General Mechanics. This Friendship Games: Unang Sabak sa Tag-araw is open to all bonafide youth and children of Lumbac ages 7 — 20 years old.

The champion for this event will gain cash prize and the title Hari ng Laban. Description and Plans. This activity will start on April 19, Sunday with an opening program followed by song, yell and skit presentation among the groups.

And will end on May 10, Sunday with a closing program, mass, recognition and a party. This activity will run for one month and the SK ng Lumbac will be the head organizers. There will be several committees that will work during the whole event. Challenges are will be held during Saturdays and Sundays, while during weekdays; recreational activities will be conducted, such as clean-up drive, post re-painting and tree planting.Talk with your children about why you're making that choice.

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