Scheduled meaning in urdu

As recounted in the Hindi -language film Shakuntala Devi, available with subtitles on Amazon Prime, she could make complex mental calculations at a rapid-fire pace, even as a small child.

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In Hindi and a number of other languages derived from Sanskrit, namaste is basically a respectful way of saying hello and also goodbye. In Hindidhoom means blast, and this movie may indeed be a blast. They use among themselves a dialect which appears to resemble a Hindi language.

At the end of a brief talk in Hindi which I was giving outdoors, the skies unloosed a sudden downpour. You draw the Monkey-god in pencil and then write Ram all along the lines in minute Hindi characters. Hindi is also used as a comprehensive term for all the kindred dialects of Hindustan.

But the Hindi did not want to be left in the jungle, he said, but, after arriving in Unyanyembe.

scheduled meaning in urdu

Are you learning Spanish? Or do you just have an interest in foreign languages? Either way, this quiz on Spanish words for animals is for you. Words nearby Hindi HindenburgHindenburg linehinderHindfellhindgutHindihindmostHindooHindoostanihindquarterhindrance. A documentary and a Bollywood film highlight two disparate paths in mathematics Emily Conover October 15, Science News.

Do You Know This Word?The terms are recognised in the Constitution of India and the groups are designated in one or other of the categories. For much of the period of British rule in the Indian subcontinentthey were known as the Depressed Classes. Ambedkar —the economist, reformer, chairman of the Constitution assembly of India, and Dalit leader during the independence struggle, himself a Dalit.

In Septemberthe government "issued an advisory to all private satellite channels asking them to 'refrain' from using the nomenclature 'Dalit'", though "rights groups and intellectuals have come out against any shift from 'Dalit' in popular usage". The Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes comprise about Since the independence of India, the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes were given Reservation statusguaranteeing political representation.

The evolution of low castes to modern-day Scheduled Castes is complex. The caste system as a stratification of classes in India originated about 2, years ago, and has been influenced by dynasties and ruling elites including the Mughal Empire and the British Raj.

Since the s these communities were loosely referred to as Depressed Classes, with the Schedule Caste and Scheduled Tribes. The early 20th century saw a flurry of activity in the British authorities assessing the feasibility of responsible self-government for India.

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A highly contested issue in the proposed reforms was the reservation of seats for representation of the Depressed Classes in provincial and central legislatures.

InParliament passed the Government of India Actdesigned to give Indian provinces greater self-rule and set up a national federal structure.

The reservation of seats for the Depressed Classes was incorporated into the act, which came into force in The Act introduced the term "Scheduled Castes", defining the group as "such castes, parts of groups within castes, which appear to His Majesty in Council to correspond to the classes of persons formerly known as the 'Depressed Classes', as His Majesty in Council may prefer".

After independence the Constituent Assembly continued the prevailing definition of Scheduled Castes and Tribes, giving via articles and the president of India and governors of the states a mandate to compile a full listing of castes and tribes with the power to edit it later, as required. The complete list of castes and tribes was made via two orders: The Constitution Scheduled Castes Order, [14] and The Constitution Scheduled Tribes Order,[15] respectively.

Furthermore, independent India's quest for inclusivity was incident through the appointment of B. Ambedkar as the chair of the drafting committee for the Constitution. Ambedkar was a scheduled caste constitutional lawyer, a member of the low cast.

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To effectively implement the safeguards built into the Constitution and other legislation, the Constitution under Articles and A provides for two statutory commissions: the National Commission for Scheduled Castes[21] and the National Commission for Scheduled Tribes.

Scheduled Castes in India. In the original Constitution, Article provided for a special officer the Commissioner for SCs and STs responsible for monitoring the implementation of constitutional and legislative safeguards for SCs and STs and reporting to the president.

Seventeen regional offices of the Commissioner were established throughout the country. There was an initiative to replace the Commissioner with a committee in the 48th Amendment to the Constitution, changing Article While the amendment was being debated, the Ministry of Welfare established the first committee for SCs and STs with the functions of the Commissioner in August These functions were modified in September to include advising the government on broad policy issues and the development levels of SCs and STs.

Now it is included in Article The group identity scheduled castes given to several untouchable communities in the colonial period has unfortunately survived in Pakistan though it carries none of the concessions that are referred to in the Oxford Dictionary.

In India, they now call themselves Dalits and Pakistan too should recognise them by a non-derogatory title, because these marginalised communities do want to be treated as a special category and entitled to affirmative action for their uplift. Those from the Kohli, Bheel or Meghwar families who have acquired an education and established themselves as teachers, lawyers or social activists recall the discrimination they suffered at school.

Barred from sitting in the front rows and from drinking water from the common glass often made them feel the pangs of untouchability.

scheduled caste

What continues to hurt them is that such discrimination is not a matter of the past; the young ones are its victims to this day in institutions maintained with public resources. But their minds are now seized of more consequential forms of deprivation and the list begins with the denial of possibilities to manage and order their affairs.

They are becoming increasingly uneasy about not getting their share of jobs in state services. They also seem united in rejecting the system of filling the seats reserved for religious minorities in the federal and provincial assemblies with nominees of political parties.

According to them those elected on this basis are more interested in serving their benefactors than in looking after their own communities. All of them do not stand for revival of separate electorates but they do want guarantees of their representation in all elected bodies in proportion to their numbers and through direct election. They also have their grievances against the Muslims who are elected on general seats.

Following the revival of joint electorates, the Muslim candidates for general seats no doubt started contacting the scheduled castes voters but once elected they hardly ever notice them. The more outspoken legislators claim to have won their seats with their money and hence feel indebted neither to the scheduled castes voters nor to the Muslim members of the electorate. Thus the time to find ways to address their grievance is now. The political parties should not be content with nominating a few candidates from the scheduled castes, they must allow them space in their decision-making cells.

Partitioning of common graveyards into Muslim and non-Muslim sectors and the incidents of expulsion of the bodies of non-Muslims from the common graveyards have made them extremely bitter and apprehensive of what will happen next. This is often cited as an example of abuse of the law to cover up discrimination. They exercise a stabilising influence in inter-community affairs. Their attachment to land was an important factor in sustaining their allegiance to Pakistan when Nagarparkar was occupied by the Indian forces.

But the new land disposal policies are threatening to destroy whatever is left of the fabric of religious harmony. Had a rational policy been adopted, the rural economy could have been improved years ago. Now some of these lands are alleged to have been allotted to madressahs that their hard-line sponsors are setting up amidst all-Hindu settlements.

How to Pronounce 'Schedule' -- American English

Some of the development activities such as the Thar coal project also are having an adverse effect on the rights and interests of the scheduled castes, but more of this some other time.

The situation in Nagarpakar in particular is getting more and more alarming. It has been turned into a no-go area for Pakistani citizens.

There are no hotels where visitors can stay. You are not allowed to take your camera or laptop into Nagarpakar. But conversion syndicates and preachers of hate are fully free to enjoy the freedom of the area. The authorities have decided not to benefit from the attraction the picturesque land has for tourists. Much more than the rights and dignity of the scheduled castes is at stake.

A crash programme for the protection and uplift of these communities must not be delayed. On a mobile phone?

Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes

The miserable scheduled castes I. Rehman Published June 18, Facebook Count. Twitter Share. Discrimination against this group of people is not a thing of the past. Published in Dawn, June 18th, On a mobile phone?Add schedule to one of your lists below, or create a new one.

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scheduled meaning in urdu

B2 a list of planned activities or things to be done showing the times or dates when they are intended to happen or be done:. B1 US. The class schedule is available on the website.

B2 early:. We expect the building work to be completed ahead of schedule. B2 not early or late. The training schedule wasn't very well thought out. We are already two months behind schedule. If our schedules coincidewe'll go to Spain together. You can also find related words, phrases, and synonyms in the topics: Travelling. Lists and catalogues. At the right time. B2 to arrange that an event or activity will happen at a particular time :. The meeting has been scheduled for tomorrow afternoon.

The orchestra has scheduled two major tours next season. The elections are scheduled for late November. Among those scheduled to attend are sculptor James West and painter Phoebe Watson. The world's largest casino is scheduled to open in New Orleans later this year.Related : Programme.

Related : Listing Timetable. Schema : a schematic or preliminary plan. Scentless : lacking the sense of smell. It helps you understand the word Schedule with comprehensive detail, no other web page in our knowledge can explain Schedule better than this page. The page not only provides Urdu meaning of Schedule but also gives extensive definition in English language. The definition of Schedule is followed by practically usable example sentences which allow you to construct your own sentences based on it.

You can also find multiple synonyms or similar words of Schedule. All of this may seem less if you are unable to learn exact pronunciation of Schedule, so we have embedded mp3 recording of native Englishman, simply click on speaker icon and listen how English speaking people pronounce Schedule. We hope this page has helped you understand Schedule in detail, if you find any mistake on this page, please keep in mind that no human being can be perfect.

Wordinn Urdu. Schedule Detail Quiz.In Microsoft Team Foundation Server TFS and previous versions, build and release pipelines are called definitionsruns are called buildsservice connections are called service endpointsstages are called environmentsand jobs are called phases.

Once all UI scheduled triggers are removed, a push must be made in order for the YAML scheduled triggers to start running. Scheduled triggers cause a pipeline to run on a schedule defined using cron syntax.

Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes

If you want to run your pipeline by only using scheduled triggers, you must disable PR and continuous integration triggers by specifying pr: none and trigger: none in your YAML file. If you're using Azure Repos Git, PR builds are configured using branch policy and must be disabled there. The time zone for cron schedules is UTC, so in these examples, the midnight build and the noon build are at midnight and noon in UTC. You can view a preview of upcoming scheduled builds by choosing Scheduled runs from the context menu on the pipeline details page for your pipeline.

The Scheduled runs windows displays the times converted to the local time zone set on the computer used to browse to the Azure DevOps portal. In this example the screenshot was taken in the EST time zone. After one of these events occurs in a branch, any scheduled runs for that branch are added, if that branch matches the branch filters for the scheduled triggers contained in the YAML file in that branch.

Scheduled runs for a branch are added only if the branch matches the branch filters for the scheduled triggers in the YAML file in that particular branch. For example, a pipeline is created with the following schedule, and this version of the YAML file is checked into the main branch. This schedule builds the main branch on a daily basis.

Next, a new branch is created based off of mainnamed new-feature. The scheduled triggers from the YAML file in the new branch are read, and since there is no match for the new-feature branch, no changes are made to the scheduled builds, and the new-feature branch is not built using a scheduled trigger. If new-feature is added to the branches list and this change is pushed to the new-feature branch, the YAML file is read, and since new-feature is now in the branches list, a scheduled build is added for the new-feature branch.

Now consider that a branch named release is created based off mainand then release is added to the branch filters in the YAML file in the main branch, but not in the newly created release branch.

scheduled meaning in urdu

Because release was added to the branch filters in the main branch, but not to the branch filters in the release branch, the release branch won't be built on that schedule.

Only when the feature branch is added to the branch filters in the YAML file in the feature branch will the scheduled build be added to the scheduler.

For more information on supported formats, see Crontab Expression. By default, your pipeline does not run as scheduled if there have been no code changes since the last successful scheduled run.

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For instance, consider that you have scheduled a pipeline to run every night at pm. During the weekdays, you push various changes to your code. The pipeline runs as per schedule. During the weekends, you do not make any changes to your code. If there have been no code changes since the scheduled run on Friday, then the pipeline does not run as scheduled during the weekend.

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