Who killed captain alex soundboard

Movies such as The Room and Cats need little introduction to film buffs. But here are some movies that deserve similar praise and have not been enjoyed ironically enough by cinephiles. The movie follows the war between Ugandan soldiers and the crime organization Tiger Mafia. Nabwana IGG even had to delete the previous movie he made on his computer in order to make room for this one and then repeated that for his next movie.

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While his comments are mostly insane, it sometimes helps the viewers understand what is going on in the movie. The film also has one of the most bizarre soundtracks. At several moments throughout the film, viewers can hear the playing of panpipes over scenes. Yet all of these combine to make Who Killed Captain Alex? The creators know they are not capable of making Citizen Kane, so they try to make the most entertaining movie they can with their resources.

The movie clocks in just over an hour long, moving at a quick pace to hold the attention of both sober and drunken viewers.

During that runtime, the movie is filled with balls-to-the-wall action to make for a great ride. Some of the best action scenes are sped-up hand-to-hand combat that is more entertaining than many fist fights in your average Hollywood blockbuster.

What makes these scenes even more impressive is that the actors self-taught themselves martial arts. Who Killed Captain Alex? However, the fact that this movie was made on such a low budget in an underdeveloped country is commendable. And the filmmakers just wanted to make a ridiculously fun ride for viewers to enjoy, and they did just that.

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Sounds like your average action movie, right? However, in this movie, all the characters are beans. Yep, talking, walking coffee beans. The scene has plenty of action, weird-looking animation and terrible voice acting, a common occurrence throughout the rest of the movie.Recently, the character has taken on a whole new persona online in the form of Ugandan Knuckles.

who killed captain alex soundboard

He is a video game character affiliated with the Sonic the Hedgehog series. Sonic is the speedy type, while Knuckles is slower but stronger. Versions of Knuckles have since appeared in various videos, most notably singing. Through an app called VRChat, a virtual reality social game. With a 3D model in place, users were able to populate VRChat with countless Ugandan Knuckles, all saying the same phrase and sometimes making clucking sounds, an apparent imitation of the sounds that are part of southern African languages.

In one YouTube video, a version of Knuckles is shown wearing what appears to be blackface with the image of a watermelon across its chest. Some Twitter users complained they were using a racist meme to promote their products. In a subsequent tweet, Razer confirmed the tweet was deleted after people pointed out its "negative undertones. Many users criticized Razer's decision to delete the tweet, claiming they gave in to political correctness. Meanwhile, the online, multiplayer game Roblox has told developers Ugandan Knuckles is not allowed within the game.

If Knuckles' path away from innocence sounds familiar, it's because we've sort of seen this unfold before. Remember Pepe the Frog? He started out as a mellow amphibian featured in Boys Club cartoons before he played a key role in politics as a racially charged meme. His impact was powerful enough the Anti-Defamation League declared Pepe a hate symbol. Greenblatt in a statement in Ugandan Knuckles isn't being used as a badge in the same way Pepe ultimately was by some, as a nod to white supremacism.

It could become the next Pepe, or it could just fade into obscurity. Follow Brett Molina on Twitter: brettmolina The navigation could not be loaded.This unraveling gent has been raving ever since his brother was captured that afternoon by Captain Alex and his commandos. That Richard discovers his wife was spared provides no solace to him.

In fact, just the opposite. Richard yells at her, "I don't need you. I have dozens of wives. I only have one brother. This isn't as sexist as it sounds since Richard tends to shoot everyone whether friend or foe. State-of-the-art photos from Who Killed Captain Alex? Sadly, this drug-dealing villain is not the only one on the set who's psychotically unsettled.

There's the hired gun who notes, "I'm a mercenary from Russia. I came here to kill. If you don't give me people to kill, I quit. The VJ might note when there's a rare moment the cast isn't being shot at or buildings not being blown up: "Action is coming, I promise you!

We love Dolly Parton. Uganda's answer to Michael Bay's special effects. The current cut of the film -- an offering at the always outrageous Fantasia International Film Festival July 14 to August 5 in Montreal -- includes the VJ dialogue, which is seldom less than a hoot.

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For a complete history of the film and its sociological underpinnings, check out Sam McPheeters's superb article on Vox. The film opens with the bombing of New York City for some odd reason. Then with the vigor and expertise of suburban kids playing Cowboys and Indians in the backyards of the s, the cast here runs to and fro, yelling and killing and dying while deliciously cheesy special effects are edited in over their dinner-theater theatrics.

The cast, crew, and friends party in Wakaliga. Oscar Wilde once insisted, "Bad art is a great deal worse than no art at all. This offering has already been downloaded from YouTube overgleeful times the last I checked.

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That last tidbit a fact shared in the opening credit cards of this film. Nevertheless, Who Killed Captain Alex? The script shares that same ambition, telling of a big battle between the ruthless Tiger Mafia and the Ugandan special forces. At the center is the highly-regarded Captain Alex Kakule Wilsonwho helps hunt members of the Tiger Mafia, but is then indeed mysteriously killed.

A lot of roundhouse kicks ensue. And what Who Killed Captain Alex? But Who Killed Captain Alex? Towards the end of the movie, he gets a little bored during a Big Plan sequence, so he makes a few fart sounds.

But for cult classic sommeliers, Who Killed Captain Alex? But as long as Hollywood films even just glance towards standards of intelligence and comprehension, Nabwana can have a blast doing his own singular, oddly fascinating, and unspeakably bonkers thing. Home News News See all. Trailers See all. Reviews See all. Features See all.

10 Hilarious Special Effects Scenes in African Movies

Interviews See all. Podcasts See all. The Film Stage Show Ep. Trending Now Week Month.It is not uncommon for the Trope Namer song to begin playing.

Growing up, the year-old remembers having access to only one television channel and a couple of censored local radio stations. There was an unusual prevalence of combat skilled characters in, Many, many animated Disney films both classic ones and ones from more modern eras often have a climax that's all about this, with, Scuttle leading various other marine creatures in, The servants-turned-household objects defending their master's castle from a mob in, Not to mention that Granddad is a master of, In the second season episode "Attack of the Killer Kung-Fu Wolf Bitch", Granddad's internet blind date, Luna, is revealed to know "White Lotus Kung-Fu" and to have won the, For half the fights that break out in Boondocks, participants are shown with inexplicable physical prowess and at least.

'Who Killed Captain Alex?': The Best Worst Film of 2010, Uganda-Style

I hop on a boda boda, a motorcycle taxi, back to Wakaliga, taking note of every gym I see along the way. Country Wing has been operating in Uganda and has opened three local training centers to meet the growing demand.

The plot begins with Captain Alex, a highly skilled USF special forces officer and a celebrated national hero, being ordered by the President of Uganda to take his platoon of commandos to the jungle to carry out a deep raid on a base that is home to the deadly Tiger Mafia gang, described as a large gang that rules Kampala and the suburbs around the city with an iron fist, now on the run due to several defeats at the hands of the USF.

She tosses in a few extra punches, silently counting the moves as she goes. Robots say Famous Movie … Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Interesting looking back at it, Don't forget to turn your clocks back 1 hour tonight. The 8-year-old joins her peers in formation, practicing their moves. Free to sign up. Nothing spells World of Badass more than literally everybody else being Badasses who know Martial Arts in one or another form.

She stops in front of Nateete Mixed Academy, a rundown school at the heart of the slum in the Ugandan capital. Thus, The Irish are responsible for giving us the concept of the. After stealthily sneaking into the base, taking out a few guards and directly assaulting the base interrupting a drug deal that the gang was conducting and getting the USF into a deadly and long gunfight with multiple Tiger Mafia goonsthe USF commandos manage to capture the brother of the gang's leader, Richard, and escape unharmed.

Evil Is Hammy: Everyone in this movie is hammy, but Richard tales the cake as he is prone to loud, large hams, which is fitting for such a villain filled with Wrath. It just makes everything comedic for some reason. Beads of sweat drip down her forehead; the rain has stopped and the sun is scorching.

Achievement Progress 3 of Racheal may be a fearsome fighter on screen, but here in the schoolyard, she is still a student. The 8-year-old is now balancing on one foot as she moves her arms through the rest of her sequence. Everybody in Uganda knows Kung-fu. Socrates was an ex-soldier. Also, a panpipes cover of Seal's "Kiss From a Rose" plays during completely inappropriate times, like during a serious drama scene or a stealth scene. Fully justified.

Or expert sharpshooter. This is why you should never enter a fight without knowing your enemy, why you should never pick a fight with a building full of kung fu masters, In case you're wondering about why there is kung fu, bear in mind that this ad was made not long after Zhang Ziyi found success by starring in. He fights drugs and uses drugs. The chiseled year-old has since had roles in six local movies, but aspires to break into the international film industry.

The movie features the young Wakaliga martial artists and their daring escape from child sacrifice rituals.Jim Vorel and Kenneth Lowe are connoisseurs of terrible movies.

In this occasional seriesthey watch and then discuss the fallout of a particularly painful film. Be wary of spoilers. Did you realize we are now at the end of our second year of Bad Movie Diaries? Jim: Ken, it seems like only yesterday that we were recoiling in disgust from The Book of Henryour very first entry. And whoa, what a memorable trip this is.

It truly requires a lead-in. I could talk for hours about the charming weirdness of this movie, and like you, it basically made an instant fan of me. That guy has apparently produced more than 44 feature films, the vast majority of which have only been seen in the poor neighborhoods of Uganda, mostly in his home village Wakaliga outside of Kampala, the Ugandan capital. Only a few of these films have ever been seen in the U.

Most of them have apparently been produced for the U. That really puts the audience into the right frame of mind for watching it, because it tells them not to expect something that is overly concerned with professionalism and production values.

And they make sure you never forget.

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Ken: This film is available in several places, including on Amazon. I am the first guy to argue that all art is for all folks—thus my predilection for weird samurai pot-boilers specifically set in the 18th century. Regardless of who the intended audience was for Who Killed Captain Alex? Who Killed Captain Alex? This is very light on plot, which makes it fairly easy to follow, at least for the first half. Ken: VJ Emmie interjects constantly, but for my money it never gets old.

Because this is what Ugandan audiences were used to, Nabwana IGG apparently made his film in this same way, although one almost wonders why he thought it was necessary, considering the movie was already in a local dialect. He has much, much more personality than any of the actual characters, despite the fact that you never see his face. It pokes fun at itself, but is also suffused in this huge sense of pride in having a local movie, featuring local people.

Ken: This plays out in a hail of fake gunfire and explosions. He bought a package of FX explosions, muzzle-flashes and blood splatters, and lord he gets his money worth out of them I can tell you that. Remember those Nerf guns that shot the yellow foam balls? This is all in service to a film that seems like it has a lot of pumped up action movie influences, but I think the strongest one might be movies like The Raid and other such balls-to-the-wall tactical stuff.

Jim: Emmie certainly seems to be a fan.Sign in with Facebook. Membership is free, secure and easy.

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My Account. Whats Happening. We Call Him Bruce U. Ugandan Bruce Lee. Ugandan Bruce Lee 1. Tough Commandos on da Mission. Time to Bring in Supa Soldiers. Its Time to Party. Here We Go. Hello 2. Gwe Gwe Gwe. Everybody in Uganda Knows Kung Fu.

who killed captain alex soundboard

Commando 1. Action is Coming.

who killed captain alex soundboard

A Master from Southern Hemisphere of Uganda. Team Fortress 2 Taunts.

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